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Frontside productions is an all media production company in Sweden specialized in film, music, music scoring, and media production in general. The Blom brothers share a deep artistic passion for film and music with a goal to achieve the highest quality with an edge for our customers. Their productions have received thousands of views around the world. Whether you are in Sweden or on the other side of the globe, let us help you tell your story.

Robert F. Blom
Founder of Frontside productions in 1997 and awarded in film and music. Producer, director and music composer for film and video games (Payday - The heist, Dreamlords), commercials, music videos, promotions. Rob has studied at the Stockholm School of Film (Stockholms Filmskola) and Mediatechnology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His work also covers areas such as writing, art/illustration, photography, editing (Avid) and 2D post production.

Richard Blom
Richard has a degree in 3D art (Computer Game Developer - Graphics) and has also studied Multimedia Producer in Stockholm. He has experience as a lead artist within the gaming industry (Grin AB) and has worked with games such as Payday - The heist (Art director), Bionic Commando and Terminator 4 (Xbox360/PS3/PC). Specialized areas are 2D / 3D graphics, film and music production.



2014-07-20 This website will soon undergo some updates and changes. In the meantime, check out our new website brodernablom.com

2014-04-01 Produced the 2014 Bandit Rock Awards video

2013-12-03 Music video direction of the music video Change with Adrenaline Rush (Frontside/Sharshooter)

2013-09-13 Music video production Zifella - Mother.

2013-08-11 Documentary filming sound recording and workflow in Texas (Pole Position)

2013-05-22 Rix FM 2013 Commercial produced.

2013-03-29 Music video Berggren Kerslake Band (with Stefan Berggren and Lee Kerslake from Uria Heap) produced. (Deepcut prod./SharpShooter)

2012-09-26 Music video production. Highride - Song Of Your Decay.

2012-05-25 Commercial spot for Rix FM produced - RIX FM Festival.

2012-05-08 Commercial spot for Bandit produced - Vrid upp så alla hör.

2012-04-22 Music video production. H.E.A.T - Living On The Run.

2012-02-01 Commercial spot for Humanova produced.

2011-10-18 Main theme song for the robbery game Payday - The heist composed by Robert F. Blom. A Playstation 3 and PC Online Co-Op First person shoother game (Overkill software/Sony Online)

2011-08-28 Music video recorded for the band Sister

2011-08-24 Commercial spot The NRJ experience produced (MTG/NRJ)

2011-08-09 Music production - Video game (More info to come)

2011-07-15 Commercial spot Philip Fredrik (Kanal5/ReelMac.)

2011-06-23 Video co-op (Disney/ReelM.)

2011-04-14 Commercial spot for NRJ produced (MTG/NRJ)

2011-02-14 Commercial for Bandit produced (MTG/Bandit)

2011-01-13 Animation / CG production finished (SCA/AplusM)

2010-10-15 Animated commercial spot produced - Studio B. (AplusM)

2010-09-12 Music video production. Plan Three - Brush it off.  

2010-06-20 Video spot Swedish Television Network  SVT, Knowledge channel

2010-06-04 Music production for the film Kommissarie Späck.

2010-05-27 Music production / Score SCA

2010-05-23 Audio enhancements for video (Reseguiden)

2010-07-01 Video commercial NRJ In The park 2010 / MTG production

2010-06-20 Video spot Swedish Television Network  SVT, Knowledge channel

2010-06-04 Music production for the film Kommissarie Späck.

2010-05-27 Music production / Score SCA

2010-05-23 Audio enhancements for video (Reseguiden)

2010-05-17 Sigtunahem commercial video created.

2010-04-27 Editing, postproduction SCA

2010-05-24 Director of photography - Music video (Karin My/Ad inexplorata)

2010-04-01 Music video "Generation Wild" with Crashdiet released. Written and directed by Rob F. Blom. Assistant director and visual effects by Richard Blom.

2010-03-12 Music video "Coma" with Concrete Society released.

2010-02-15 Directed video for Crash Diet

2010-02-06 Music video with Whatever November"Behind these concrete walls" produced.

2009-12-01 Concrete Society Nominated for Best Breaking Band at the Bandit Rock Awards 2009.

2009-11-18 Album release "Diesel and bones" with Concrete Society.

2009-10-08 Short film "Climate in Motion." by Rob F. Blom nominated in international film competition.

2009-09-23 Single Release "Coma" with Concrete Society

2009-09-01 The Short film "Climate in Motion" produced.

2009-05-08 3D post production music video with This Ending "Dead Harvest".

2009-01-09 3D post production  music video with This Ending "Parasites" post production

2008-03-17 Music video with Self Deception "Relationship Redrum" produced


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